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Blip Spoon Rest by Alessi

  • Spoon rest in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.  

    The name "Blip" alludes onomatopoeically to the wave from a drop in water. The form is made from a thin sheet of steel and is cleverly resolved to cradle spoons and ladles of different lengths and sizes. Lightweight, formally discreet but also elegant and precious.

    “Blip” is made from a piece of mirror polished stainless steel plate shaped with an undulating external lip around the edge and a recess on the inside. The resulting shape, which appears to be haphazard, is perfectly functional for resting wooden spoons or ladles during cooking. The steel lip around the perimeter, folded up and down alternately, form the support points of “Blip” on your worktop and the seat for the handle of your cooking instrument respectively. The absence of any protruding parts, teamed with the material used, make cleaning this object extremely easy, whether it is hand washed or placed in your dishwasher.
  • L 6" W 3.5" H 1.25"
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