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Apostrophe Orange Peeler by Alessi

  • “Apostrophe” is an unusual object that does not reveal its function at first sight. Actually it works very simply: everyone knows that to peel an orange you need to cut the peel along meridians and parallels. The hooked cutting edge does precisely this, and its size determines a depth of cut that is attuned to the thickness of the peel and which does not nick the flesh. It works like an agile plough to cut through the peel, leaving marks that are free and even decorative.

    The gesture is also made pleasing, by the ergonomic hold that adapts well to the fingers and by the material in precision-cast steel with mat finish to improve the grip. “Apostrophe” is made of two parts welded together, a solid hemisphere and the other part hollow, to give the right balance when in use and to rest in an erect position when placed on a table.
  • Orange peeler in 18/10 stainless steel matte.  

    DIA 1" H 2.4"

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