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Mediterraneo Salad Set by Alessi

  • Salad set in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel. 

    The Mediterranean design by Emma Silvestris appears to have been expressly designed for the spaghetti serving spoon. And indeed the sinuous pattern of the branches, combined with the hollowness of the bowl, “captures” the pasta very effectively.

    The variation of this icon in the “Mediterraneo” serving cutlery was achieved by transforming the perforated plate of the baskets that were already in production into the three-dimensional handles and bowls of this cutlery. The Mediterraneo cutlery pieces are made of stainless steel with a solid handle and a rolled bowl of different thicknesses with a mirrored finish.

    About Mediterraneo

    The first project linked to the coral icon came about during the “lightness of steel” workshop, from the necessity of removing weight from the object, taking away the contours, and being impeccably (essentially) like Nature.

    Coral was once widespread throughout the Mediterranean sea and it was exported all over the world and exchanged for spices and perfumes.

    ‘Kura halos’, a human form, was often a symbol linked with female divinities, fertility, lunar cycles and the sea. Its use for apotropaic purposes (warding off evil) makes it identifiable with vital energy.
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