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Bark Crib by Alessi

  • “Bark Crib” is a stage set designed for presenting the scene of Jesus’s birth. A simple hut, embellished by the Bark decoration, accommodates the Holy Family with the Three Wise Men, the ox and the donkey. The star, with its long tail trailing behind, announces his birth. Hut, star, Kings, ox and donkey are united in both structure and colour, as if to represent the background of the event. Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus are made of gilded stainless steel, a tribute to the representation of the divine in the art of the Middle Ages, a period in which gold takes on the meaning of that which is beyond reality such as holiness and light.
  • Christmas figurine in 18/10 stainless steel and gold plated steel.

    Dimensions: L 9" D 5" H 4"
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