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Citrus Squeezer by A di Alessi

  • Hold the Citrus Squeezer by its spout and juice comes out of its handle — the handle and spout are the same thing!

    For over half a century, and with great consistency, Aarnio has designed brightly coloured furniture and objects with rounded,geometric shapes that allude to a kind of “children’s code.” His works, almost all made in plastic, are short, visual tales that combine features both humorous and playful with precise and explicit functional meanings as can be seen in his Ball chair and Bubble chair. The Citrus-squeezer has a very prominent spout, whose form flows fluidly into the container to facilitate pouring and for a firm while squeezing. “Citrus” is made of two, robust pieces of PMMA in two versions: clear and orange. The surface finish is glossy in the parts that come into contact with the fruit and juice (the interior and top of the juicer) and satin on the outside. The satin finish exterior provides an easy-to-grip surface, while the glossy finish is easy to clean. The squeezer can be removed from the container by inserting a finger in the slot designed for that purpose and lifting it.
  • Citrus-squeezer in thermoplastic resin.

    Capacity: 15.75 fl oz
    Dimensions: L 8.25" W 5" H 4.5"
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