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La Cintura di Orione Sauteuse by Officina Alessi

  • Sauteuse in 18/10 stainless steel and copper.

    The sauteuse is a utensil of truncated-conical form with a connecting radius at the base and a long handle. The flared or sloped shape of the body and the curvature where it joins the base are, in fact, designed to facilitate the movement made by the spatula or whisk in mixing the ingredients.

    A utensil with very specific features, the Sauteuse is the most suitable for all those culinary operations, usually performed over heat, requiring frequent stirring of foods of unstable or delicate consistency such as butter, cream, eggs and sweet and savory sauces. Its shape, with sloping sides, also makes it the ideal pan for purees and some types of sauteing or tossing.

    In designing this Sauteuse, Alain Chapel determined the size, the proportions of the body and the slant of the sides which he believed were exactly right. This sauteuse is produced in thick copper with an 18/10 stainless steel lining, bringing to modern cookery all the advantages of copper which, together with silver, is the best metal in terms of conduction and uniform heat distribution, and combining them with the excellent hygienic properties of the stainless steel used for the lining.
  • Capacity: 2 L
    Dimensions: DIA 7.87" H 2.95"
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