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Nuvem Citrus Basket by A di Alessi

  • (In Portuguese “nuvem” means ‘cloud’, alluding to the sort of bird’s nest of aluminium wire, tangled then squashed and spun, that characterises the objects in this series).

    We finally did it! This project has been on the drawing board in our engineering department for several years. We had quite a time finding a manufacturing process that would both preserve the exquisitely artisanal, manual, almost sketch-like flavour of the concept while at the same time allowing us to produce it at a reasonable price. In the end we figured it out, and we’re happy to finally be able to present a new example of the lightness and consistency that is central to the work of Brazilian brothers. The retail prices, which are a surprise to everyone, place this line in the 'A di Alessi' catalogue as a perfect exemplar of the 'super & popular'.
  • Citrus wire basket in anodized aluminium.

    DIA 9" H 9.5"
    Designer: Fratelli Campana
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