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OrienTales Paradise Birds Salt and Pepper Set by A di Alessi

  • Salt and pepper set in thermoplastic resin. Hand decorated.

    Amongst the colourful tales of the Orientales series, these two strange little salt and pepper cellar birds emerge from a tree, from which they are suspended, surprisingly, by their tail. The lovely colours, very clean finish and meticulous production are a result of the totally manual procedures used for decoration, and the separate construction of the four components of which each bird is comprised.

    The tree base, which also consists of four parts, is made in steel to give the composition optimum stability, and it is marked with the Alessi logo, the Museum logo, and the name of the designer.

    Salt and pepper are introduced by removing a cap underneath. The salt cellar bird has the nozzle in its beak, larger than in its pepper-cellar colleague. The birds’ underside is flat, so that they can temporarily be placed on any surface. The ORIENTALES collection continues the cooperation with the Taiwan National Palace Museum which began with the CHIN FAMILY collection. The objective of this second collection is to add further “quality”, both by introducing new themes and forms, and also by working with a wider range of materials, with greater detailing in the decoration. Orientales, when compared with the Chin Family, introduces ceramics (Fine Bone China) and thermosetting resins (bakelite).
  • L 4.72" W 3.54" H 5.51"
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