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Slow Coffee Style Carafe Set by Kinto

  • Carafe in heat-resistant glass, strainer in stainless steel and copolyester.

    Experience Dripping Coffee by Hand. It will Fulfill Your Life.

    Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee. The series 'Slow Coffee Style' was born to bring you the taste of coffee brewed by the pour-over method with the relaxed passage of time. The carafe set offers a choice to brew coffee with a stainless steel filter. As the extensive lineup provides a wide range of choices for item coordination, you can easily find your own style of slow coffee.

    Carafe is microwave and dishwasher safe
    Strainer is dishwasher safe
  • Small:
    Dimensions: DIA 4” H 6” W 5"
    Capacity: 20.4 oz

    Dimensions: DIA 5” H 7.2” W 6"
    Capacity: 37 oz (1.1 L)
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