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Harmonic Basket by Alessi

  • This table centre, with geometrically rich and complex forms, is made from a sheet of metal that is simply cut, curved and folded. The rigidity and stability of the system is assured by spot-welding the three cut parts onto the three fixed parts. The design reflects Abi Alice’s artistic experience: she has also made “geometrical objects” in flexible materials. Harmonic is made in stainless steel, with bright finish on both upper and lower surfaces.

    The harmonic design reflects the young Australian’s interest in geometry and mathematics. Alice uses the geometry inherent in her designs and pictures to create three-dimensional sculptural objects. “Harmonic” actually began life as artistic drawings, and they were then transformed into three-dimensional objects by cutting, bending and curving steel sheet. The same geometric base, with its poetic properties, can be used to produce three different results: a drawing, a painting and an object.
  • Basket in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.
    DIA 8.75" H 4.25"
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