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Faberjori Christmas Ornaments by Alessi

  • This collection of Christmas decorations - part Christmas ornaments, part Easter eggs - sprang from the imagination of Marcello Jori as a tribute to the great Russian goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé. Artist and jeweler at the court of the last Tsars of Russia, between 1885 and 1917 Fabergé made unique and precious eggs, commissioned by the Tsars as an Easter gift for their consorts. The Faberjorì decorations remind you of this past by preserving its craftsmanship, executive quality, richness of decor and care for details. These ornaments are sought-after as precious gifts, unique objects to hang, creating a charming and special atmosphere. The Faberjorì collection consists of six decorations inspired by likewise original characters that contain and tell a particular story.
  • Christmas Ornaments in hand-decorated porcelain.

    Piacere, Pulcino il Grande L 2.25" W 2.25" H 3.75"
    Generale Corallo L 2.75" W 2.25" H 2.75"
    Mughetti e smeraldi L 2.5" W 2.5" H 3.75"
    Mongolfiera reale L 2.75" W 2.75" H 2.75"
    Ape dell'oro L 2.25" W 2.25" H 2.75"
    San Bambino L 2.75" W 2.75" H 3"
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