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Dressed Flatware Place Setting, 5 Piece, by Alessi

  • Decoration is like a beautiful dress: it should never be overpowering. Marcel Wanders is one of a few designers who has really known how to innovate in terms of decoration. His approach to decoration consists of constructing a special relationship between the decorated parts and the object itself. Traditionally, the rules would require that decoration be applied in the most important and most visible areas of the object. Wanders, on the other hand, applies it to secluded areas, a little out of sight, sometimes even in areas that aren’t normally visible at all, so much so that we could call it a sort of introverted decoration. The very name of the series, “Dressed”, highlights the notion that decoration should be designed, like a beautiful dress, to bring out the contents, without being overpowering.

    The cutlery in the “Dressed” series is only decorated on the side facing down when the table is set, leaving the undecorated part in view. The decoration, produced by coining (an incision technique used for high pressure of a punch as coins), is noticed only when handling the cutlery. In this sense, the cutlery from the “Dressed” series is the first multi-sensorial cutlery.
  • 5 piece place setting consisting of: 1 table spoon, 1 table fork, 1 table knife, 1 dessert fork, and 1 tea spoon in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel with relief decoration.

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