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Norm Collector by Menu

  • Display your favourites.

    Elegant rack for jewellery and other precious items. NORM Collector has four arms for necklaces, bracelets or earrings, a centre tray to hold rings, ear studs or brooches and a small platform on top where you can display your favourite of the week.

    Norm Architects work from their studio in the centre of Copenhagen and work within the fields of architecture, photography and design. Design-wise they approach all occasions and rooms, indoors and outdoors, of a regular household and strive to make great products with a long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

    They are best known for their popular Bath series which includes both soap dispensers, ladders and mirrors as well as the versatile and beautiful series of glazed New Norm Dinnerware with everything from plates and cups to spoons, bowls and plates.
  • Solid brass

    DIA L 6.3” H 10.6" W 6.3"

    Powder coated steel.

    DIA L 6.3” H 10.6" W 6.3"
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