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Cork Presenter by Alessi

  • Cork presenter in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel.
    Given its small size, this “Cork presenter” doesn’t take up much room on the table, unlike the classic presentation on a plate with a napkin; it allows the cork to be passed from one person to another, without being touched; it doesn’t lose its moisture and, with it, the various scents (as happens when the cork is laid on fabric).

    This “Cork presenter” was designed by Glaser with the collaboration of the famous New York restaurant Eleven Madison Park. Its small size means it doesn’t take up much room on the table, but its role is fundamental in the courtesy of the contemporary serving style. Wine-lovers know that the cork can tell the entire story of the bottle it closes, if you know how to read it. Presenting the cork well is not only a pleasant gesture in itself - it’s also a way of allowing the diners to share the experience, and perhaps sparking off a conversation on the subject.

    It can be used with the two concave parts facing upwards to present two corks, or turned upside down for just one cork.
  • L 2.7" W 2.5" H 0.59"
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