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Glass Kettle Teapot with Tea Egg by Menu

  • Time for Tea: Menu presents the Glass Kettle Teapot!

    Tea has become a natural part of a healthy lifestyle and every tea has their own benefits - green tea with antioxidants, herbal tea with lots of spices and taste explosions, white tea or red African rooibos tea.

    The Glass Kettle Teapot is a fusion between the Asian zen philosophy and modern Scandinavian architecture - a meeting between two traditions embracing. The Glass Kettle Teapot grants a visual experience of the tea with a true Scandinavian touch. As a fine design detail the tea egg is placed in the centre of the pot. When the brewing has finished, you just raise the egg by pulling the attached silicon string.
  • Teapot in glass, stainless steel, silicone, and plastic.

    1.5 L
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