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9090-6 M

Miniature Richard Sapper Espresso Coffee Maker by Alessi

  • Miniature espresso coffee maker in 18/10 stainless steel. Collectible piece, non-functional item.

    Alessi Miniatures Collection

    This second collection of miniatures comprises 10 Alessi icons, made in a scale reduction of their actual size in various different materials, keeping as far as possible to the formal aspect, the original design materials and all their components.

    All the objects symbolically keep a certain amount of functionality: Aldo Rossi's miniature cooking box “La Cubica”, King Kong's miniature round tray “Girotondo”, Guido Venturini's miniature gas lighter “Firebird”, Richard Sapper's miniature espresso coffee maker “9090/6”, Luigi Massoni and Carlo Mazzeri's miniature cocktail shaker “870”, Ufficio Tecnico Alessi's miniature fruit bowl “370”, Stefano Giovannoni's miniature fruit holder “Fruit Mama”, Ettore Sottsass's miniature condiment set “5070”, Riccardo Dalisi's miniature Neapolitan coffee maker “90018”, and Richard Sapper's miniature kettle “9091”.
  • Cups: 3
    Dimensions: DIA 3.78" H 6"
    Capacity: 5.4 fl oz.
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