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Nut Splitter by Alessi

  • Walnut opener in 18/10 stainless steel. In gift packaging.   

    Using these nutcrackers, designed by Jim Hannon-Tan, is much more intuitive than it appears from the shape: you just have to insert the point between the two halves of the nut and rotate it to apply pressure. The ergonomic grip, which fits the fingers well, and the “soft” contact with the polished precision cast stainless steel make the action a pleasurable experience. The item is carefully gift wrapped.

    Nut Splitter was developed during the "Ethics and Design" workshop held in July 2007. This delicate little tool is made from precision-cast steel and is inspired by an ancient gesture performed by farmers and foresters: opening a nut with both hands and the aid of a small hole punch. The inspiration came from the winged shape of the maple seed: a symbol of freedom and fusion.
  • L 1.57" W 1.38"
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