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Aeris Hanging Fireplace by Cocoon Fires

Cocoon Fires


  • About the Hanging System:

    The hanging system was designed to give the user full flexibility when using the Cocoon Aeris Series. The Hanging system is fully height adjustable allowing for optimal viewing heights depending on the environment. The system also has 360 degree rotation allowing for the Cocoon to be viewed from different locations. The Hanging system also allows for multiple hanging locations. Additional mounting brackets can be installed in different locations i.e. lounge, dining, living and alfresco so the one Cocoon can be enjoyed in all locations. Simply unscrew the hanging pole from the mounting bracket and replace in the desired location.

    How it works:

    Cocoon Fires fireplaces' use a fuel called Denatured Ethanol (ethyl alcohol), making their products clean and environmentally friendly. As the fuel burns the main body of the fireplace heats and radiates warmth throughout the room. The burner contained inside takes 1.5 litres of fuel and burns up to 6 hours depending on the heat setting, which can be adjusted for comfort.

    No flue is necessary as the Denatured Etanol burns clean. It is the simplicity of the design that makes the object so attractive and effective.

    Safety and the Environment:

    Cocoon Fires are manufactured to the highest quality with a focus on safety. Their products meet the highest international standards for safety and quality. The Cocoon range captures the heat maximizing the efficiency of the fireplaces reducing burn times and creating a practical heating solution. Denatured Ethanol is a renewable energy source being produced from plants such as sugar cane and cereals. Denatured Ethanol is known by different commercial names, such as, methylated spirits or bio-ethanol.


    Cocoon Fires range is designed to capture the essence of life. Live and enjoy life to its full. The range has no boundaries and challenges the traditional views of heating.

    The marine grade qualities of the range allows for the COCOON to be used all year round and maximize the benefit of the creative design. Simply remove the tray and fill with Ice or cooling pads to use as a drink server.
  • Black Finish - Cocoon shell in carbon steel with high heat resistant black finish (paint 70% matt, 30% satin). Mounting bracket in 316 marine grade mirror finish stainless steel. Hanging pole and combustion chamber in 316 marine grade hairline finish stainless steel.
    Stainless Steel Finish - Cocoon shell and mounting bracket in 316 marine grade mirror finish stainless steel. Hanging pole and combustion chamber in 316 marine grade brushed finish stainless steel.
  • Usually ships within 3 business days.
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