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Amir and Camelus Figurines, Set of 2, by Alessi



  • The “Presepe” introduced in 2007 with the unmistakable white stable has now become a genuine classic. Over the years, we have added to the range of figurines and introduced the red stable. The collection of figurines for the “Presepe” nativity set continues to be enhanced with new characters, as a yearly tradition. The new series of “Figure” figurines for the nativity set includes two pairs and the comet: the camel rider “Amir” and his camel “Camelus” and the woodman “Woody” with “Barbaccino”, the old man with the long white beard. The splendid “Stella Stellina” entirely covered with a precious pure gold dip, was designed as a character and it rests on three tips so it can be positioned on a flat surface or on the “Presepe” stable. “Presepe” is meant to be a congregation of different characters in a mixture of different races; the whole scene is flooded with a certain air of happiness and optimism like the characters of a 1970s advertisement. All the “Figure” figurines are made of white porcelain and then hand decorated, with bright glossy colours, in some cases with the aid of transfers. Their dimensions match those of the previous collection.

  • Dimensions:

    "Camelus" - L 2.5" W .75" H 2 

    "Amir" - DIA 1" H 1.75"
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