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Baggy Wine Coat by Menu

  • Festive attire for Bag-In-Box wine

    The popular wine boxes are rarely seen at the dining table. Menu has now designed a Baggy Wine Coat that gives “card - board wine” a more exclusive look

    The practical Bag-In-Box wines are becoming increasingly popular. However, the wine boxes are typically hidden out of sight when guests arrive. After all, they do not have the same charm as a traditional wine bottle. But now Menu has developed a solution. Designer Jakob Wagner, who also created Menu’s bestselling Cool Coat, designed Baggy Wine Coat, which perfectly fits the bag from a 3 litre Bag-In-Box. Simply take the bag out of the cardboard box and place it in the Baggy Wine Coat, which also has space for a cooling element or a bag of ice if you wish to keep the wine cold.

    Casual and elegant

    Baggy Wine Coat is stylish in a simple, relaxed way. It is made of the same sturdy cloth as Cool Coat and has a black rubber base that enables it to stand stably on most surfaces, including indoors at the dining table and outdoors on grass. Furthermore, it has a practical rubber carrying strap that makes it easy to transport. The hole for the bag’s tap is located in the rubber base, making the wine easy to tap. Baggy Wine Coat is a handy and aesthetically-pleasing solution! /li> 

  • Baggy wine coat in fabric, silicone, and metal.

    3 litre

    DIA H 13.4"
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