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Cha Kettle Teapot by Alessi

  • Kettle / teapot in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel with handle and knob in thermoplastic resin. 
    A kettle teapot gives teatime a whole new meaning.

    Naoto Fukasawa’s characteristic minimalist rigour is appearing once again in the Alessi catalogue with the design of this refined object that is both a Kettle and a Teapot. “Cha” is manufactured in stainless steel and both the knob on the lid and the handle are in black thermoplastic resin to protect the hand from heat. The magnetic steel bottom allows it to be used on any heat source, even induction hobs. The handle can folding it horizontally, close to the body of the kettle, so that it can be stored away in a small space when not in use. With its large and elegantly designed inner filter, “Cha” – from the Japanese word for tea – is a stunning piece for serving this beverage. The welded spout is fitted with an additional filter to capture any leaves that may escape from the inner container. This structural detail also means “Cha” can be used without a filter by placing the tea leaves directly into the body of the teapot. The deceptively simple form of this object conceals an exasperated search for details, a typical trait of Fukasawa’s expressive purism. A refined form, simple yet meticulous
  • L 7.5” W 5.75” H 8.75”
    Capacity: 31.75 oz
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