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Charpin Basket by Alessi

  • Basket in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel. 
    104 sticks of polished stainless steel form a circular container with unexpected reflections.

    The Charpin Basket was designed like a fence composed of vertical elements joined at the top by a horizontal hoop. The detailing of this joinery has been solved exactly as with a common garden fence: the vertical elements are surmounted by a horizontal one that connects them. The end of the 104 vertical elements protrudes a few millimeters compared to the horizontal connection, just enough to give a sense of richness to the construction of the object. Each vertical element is connected to the horizontal hoop with an invisible weld that enhances the purity and rigor of its manufacture.
  • Small: DIA 6" H 2"
    Medium: DIA 8" H 2"
    Large: DIA 9" H 2.75"
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