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Fat Tray Tray/Container by Alessi

  • Fat Tray is a box/container with a lid that acts as a tray. In the container of bamboo wood, surprisingly light and resistant, tools suitable for any type of hospitality or any desired serving can be placed. An example could be the need for serving tea (cups, saucers, cutlery, sugar, jars of tea) or also for serving breakfast or an afternoon snack. The space inside the container is equipped with a moveable separator that helps to keep the objects in order to avoid delicate piece from being knocked around. The well-shaped bottom has a double task of visually lightening the look creating a gap between the box and surface on which it is set without jeopardizing the capacity and offering a handy space for gripping the box.

    "I've called this voracious tray "Fat" because it has already "swallowed" everything you need for setting a table, which is now on the inside, while on top, fresh food, beverages or pastries are ready to be served during a business meeting, an afternoon tea, a picnic in the park or even in the office." - Harri Koskinen
  • Tray/container in bamboo wood.

    L 19.75" W 15.75" H 5"
    Designer: Harri Koskinen, 2010
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