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Human Collection Amuse Bouche / Dessert Utensils, Set of 4, by Alessi

Multi-award-winning chef from Paris worth every accolade he’s received, the world-renown Guy Savoy explains his approach to the “Human collection” this way: Excavated objects related to cooking, tools, terra cotta vessels, are object-mirrors of history are vestiges of the culture and refinement of early man. They distill useful information for understanding different civilizations (...) In every meal something is said about this culture of refinement, about this development and at the same time something primitive, simple, linked to the natural human need to be feed. “Human collection” because eating is humanity’s number one concern, and pleasing their guests is cooks’ first concern. The design of these objects is derived from the image of a heart: a fine example that translates both chefs’ passion for their work and attention to others, always present in their work.”




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