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Infinity Wall Clock by Alessi



  • Wall clock in steel colored with epoxy resin.

    “One of the big universal questions that has puzzled scientist, astronomers and philosophers for centuries has been: when did time begin, is time infinite, did time have a beginning and will it subsequently have an end? Whilst we will never have a definitive answer, we all share the certainty that our time on the planet does have a beginning and an end. Time is a constant which we have no control over. We cannot slow it down and we cannot speed it up.

    Sadly we live in an era obsessed with time. Either there is the frequent comment “there is never enough time” or we are worried about the effect time has on our ageing process. When creating this clock my intention was to create a tranquil, sculptural form that gave the impression of infinity by creating continuous curves that reflected the constant, infinite quality of time. Personally I like to adopt an infinite or timeless philosophy regarding time. I feel we all need to forget the worries about time and just focus on creating Una Bella Vita!”
  • DIA 16.5"
  • Usually ships within 2 weeks.
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