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La Cintura di Orione Flambe Lamp by Officina Alessi *OPEN BOX*

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    Flambé lamp in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel.

    The general principle underlying cooking with the lamp, which combines the cooking utensil, the flame and the support placed between one and the other, is clearly thousands of years old. They were used to carry the heat source directly to the table in order to place a vessel with food over it to keep it warm, or even to make coffee.

    A short but significant step taken towards the end of the last century was to improve these devices formally and functionally, thereby sanctioning their use for cooking certain foods at the guest's table by flambeing, the spectacular effect that was so fashionable during the Belle Epoque and so typical of that period.

    The special features of these utensils make them particularly suitable for sauteing (especially fruit sweets, sweet and savoury crepes, medallions, or miniature escalopes, fish fillets), although, strictly speaking, the Lamp could be used as a heat source for many other cooking techniques.

    The most noteworthy feature of the Flambe Lamp is its having been designed as a highly professional tool. In the first place, as flambeing is a very fast way of cooking, it is possible to obtain a wide, easily controlled range of flame, from very high to very low, depending on requirements.

    The reservoir's capacity of 1.9 liters ensures a lasting supply of fuel. The upper grid of heavy concentric discs can be used for other vessels besides the traditional pan. It is made entirely of stainless steel, giving it optimal resistance, a very important consideration given its use.
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.9 L
    Dimensions: DIA 7.87" H 10.24"
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