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La Cintura di Orione Low Casserole by Officina Alessi

  • Low casserole with two handles in 18/10 stainless steel and copper.

    The low Casserole with two handles is a perfectly cylindrical utensil, with a connecting radius at the base, two handles and a lid, characterised by a height approximately equal to a third of its diameter. This low casserole is produced in thick copper with an 18/10 stainless steel lining.

    The low casserole with two handles, with its shallow, straight sides is perfect for cooking small slices of food by three methods: sauteing, pot roasting or braising, and oven roasting.
  • Small: Capacity: 2.7 L
    Dimensions: DIA 9.45" H 2.36"

    Medium: Capacity: 3.7 L
    Dimensions: DIA 11.02" H 2.76"
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