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Le Fiabe The Hatter & The Queen of Hearts Figurines, Set of 2, by Alessi



  • After “Cappuccetto Rosso” (Little Red Riding Hood), Massimo Giacon has designed a new figurines collection to show another fairy tale: “Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie” (Alice in Wonderland). Created in 2013, “Le Fiabe” opened whole new line for Alessi Figures using colourful figurines to tell our best loved and most popular stories. The characters retain their role as decorative figures but are also used to help narrate the fairy tale. “Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie” is the second story that Massimo Giacon has illustrated with his characters, and includes the fairy tale’s main characters: the protagonist “Alice”, “The White Rabbit”, the unfailing “Hatter” e the fearful “Queen of Hearts”… Each Figure is made in glossy white, porcelain hand-painted with clear bright shiny colours. The series is available in two versions containing different characters: “Alice & The White Rabbit; and “The Hatter & The Queen of Hearts”. The packaging of “Le Fiabe” has a distinctive light blue band

  • Dimensions:

    L 1" W 1.75" H 2"

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