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OrienTales Goldfish Egg Cup by A di Alessi

  • Egg cup in fine bone china. Hand decorated.

    The Fish egg-cup is made in Fine Bone China, a synthetic ivory-coloured ceramic material that can be used to achieve low wall thicknesses and high translucency. The piece is pour-cast, and it is entirely hand-decorated before the third firing in order to obtain the desired colours (the process comprises three firings: the first is the biscuit firing, the second for the white glaze, and the third for the decoration). It is available in three colours: green, blue and red.

    The Fish egg-cup is part of the ORIENTALES collection, furthering the cooperation with the Taiwan National Palace Museum which began with the CHIN FAMILY collection. The objective of this second collection is to add further “quality”, both by introducing new themes and forms, and also by working with a wider range of materials, with greater detailing in the decoration. Orientales, when compared with the Chin Family, introduces ceramics (Fine Bone China) and thermosetting resins (bakelite).
  • L 3.03" W 2.05" H 3.23"
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