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OrienTales Lily Bird Soy Sauce Container by A di Alessi

  • Soy sauce container in fine bone china. Hand decorated.

    The designer has chosen a small bird that is eminently suitable for the function of soy sauce container. The long beak of the humming bird is ideal for the piece’s allotted task. Lily Bird is pour-cast, and it is entirely hand-decorated before the third firing in order to obtain the desired shades of colour. The beak-spout is particularly effective, partly as a result of its minimal width.

    The container is opened by rotating the lid clockwise or anti-clockwise and then removing it. It is closed by replacing the lid and rotating it until the red shade on the body and the top of the head match. The soy sauce is poured, keeping one finger on the lid to avoid any risk of spillage.
  • Capacity: 2.75 fl oz
    L 4.33" W 2.17" H 2.56"
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