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OrienTales Lily Pond Chopstick Set by A di Alessi

  • Chopsticks set composed of chopsticks holder in fine bone china and chopsticks in melamine.

    Lily Pond Chopsticks Set
    Lily Pond is a chopsticks set, designed by Stefano Giovannoni.
    The set composed of chopsticks in melamine and chopsticks holder in fine bone china.

    The Lily Pond chopstick set is part of a new for 2008 family of products cleverly called OrienTales. OrienTales is a result of an ongoing collaboration with the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, which begain in 2007 with the "Chin Family". It was coming into close contact with the extraordinary collection of art works at the National Palace Museum that set Stefano's imagination racing, inspiring him to explore the millennial tradition of Chinese applied arts and develop his own contemporary interpretation of them. This interpretation is in keeping with the playful style of which the designer is an acknowledged master, a characteristic that in the designs presented today, takes a very new form.

    It is important to remember that the objects presented here, just like the ones in the "Chin Family", characters or flowers and fruits, each performing the roles of domestic household objects, are made partly in hand-decorated plastic and partly in fine bone china, also hand-decorated. The magic of Giovannoni's design lies in the fact that these objects recall the grace of 18th century ceramic trinkets, while at the same time being utterly contemporary!

    On the occasion of this new collection, the book "OrienTales", conceived and designed by Stefano himself, is currently being prepared for release. The book describes the design process behind the origin of these small household objects, with a number of texts and many lovely illustrations. If interested in preordering the book, please email us at sales@emmohome.com

    OrienTales products come in gift packaging.
  • Dimensions: chopsticks - L 9.75"
    Chopsticks holder - L 2" W 1"
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