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OrienTales Secret Fish All-Purpose Box by A di Alessi

  • This beautiful box in the shape of a puffer fish is made in high-thickness melamine, and it is entirely hand-decorated. The impeccable decorative effect of the lid is created by relief work depicting the fishís scales, generating unusual reflections of light and producing a particularly sophisticated tactile sensation. The material, with its weight and sonority, reinforces the reference to Oriental enamelled boxes.

    The box is part of the ORIENTALES collection, furthering the cooperation with the Taiwan National Palace Museumwhich began with the CHIN FAMILY collection.The objective of this second collection is to add further ìqualityî, both by introducing new themes and forms, and alsoby working with a wider range of materials, with greater detailing in the decoration. Orientales, when compared withthe Chin Family, introduces ceramics (Fine Bone China) and thermosetting resins (bakelite).
  • All-purpose box in melamine.

    L 5.9" W 5.9" H 2"
    Designer:Stefano Giovannoni con Rumiko Takeda
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