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Peter & Palla Figurines, Set of 2, by Alessi

  • Created in 2007, the Alessi “Presepe” has been enriched over the years with numerous characters, becoming a major attraction for collectors and lovers of Christmas. The lively collection of characters designed by Massimo Giacon features in 2014 seven new “Figure”: the shepherd “Nello Pastorello” with the tiny little sheep “ciao ciao”, the baker “Peppino Panino” with his essential oven, the steet organ player “Jimmy Melody” with his faithful little monkey “Monkey Money”, and the dromedary “Dario Dromedario” with “Palmita”, the palm with the large shadow where he can rest.

  • Dimensions:

    L 1.75" W 1.75" H 1.75"
    Set of two figurines in porcelain. Hand-decorated.

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