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Pipiro Extensible Oven-to-Table Dish Holder by Alessi

  • Extensible oven-to-table dish holder in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished. Handles in heat-resistant melamine, black.

    The “Pipiro” holder exudes a sense of functionality and precise movement, an appearance that is thankfully backed up by fact. The extendible nature of the item means that it is able to fulfil two key requisites: it can be adapted to all types and size of oven-to-table dish (round, oval, square and rectangular) (1) and it saves a notable amount of space when put away (2). The handles, produced in heat-resistant melamine, can be rotated thanks to a friction joint (3), which allows you to keep the handle in an open position. To open the holder, the arms of the pantograph were hinged at the centre and connected in the centre using a rivet (4). The feet (5) are produced from thermosetting material and are an extension of the handle supports at the four angles of the pantograph. An important fifth central foot is found together with the pantograph’s rotating pivot.

    "There is a surfeit of attractive and alluring products out there but increasingly less space for them in our homes. Perhaps the fact that you can stack cups on top of each other downgrades them to campsite equipment status? We disagree but yet you can’t find them anywhere. The large handles on the oven-to-table holders we have at home make them too bulky. We therefore decided to work on this kind of product, already very familiar, certainly improving the design but also reducing as far as possible the space it requires when not being used. The result was the “Pipiro” with fold-away handles to reduce its footprint. The fact that they could be folded away meant we could give them particularly generous dimensions: our hands are therefore further away from the roasting hot oven-proof dish - by no means a secondary consequence" - Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi
  • L 3.4" (closed) - 21" (extended) H 4.75"
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