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Pots & Pans Saucepan by A di Alessi



  • Saucepan in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel.

    The aim of this third series of Alessi pots and pans is more ambitious then ever: to flank Sapper's copper and steel “La Cintura di Orione” (a top quality but also very expensive product produced on a small scale under the “OFFICINA ALESSI” trademark) and Giovannoni's steel and aluminium “Mami” (a best selling, average to high priced product produced under the “ALESSI” trademark) at decidedly lower prices but without compromising on design quality and functionality.

    As ever, the public will have the final say, but, if I may give my own opinion, with this line Jasper has tackled the difficult theme of Potness creating a small masterpiece of Super & Popular design.
  • Capacity: 1 qt 16 fl oz
    DIA 5.5" H 6"

    Capacity: 2 qt 7.25 fl oz
    DIA 8" H 6"

    Capacity: 1 qt 16 fl oz
    DIA 6.25" H 5"

    Low 1.6 Capacity: 1 qt 16 fl oz
    DIA 6.25" H 5"
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