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Hasegawa Ladder


Slim Step 3-Step Stepladder by Hasegawa Ladder

  • The Slim Step Stepladder, winner of a Good Design Award, is a highly functional ladder which is stylish, stable, and safe to use and also becomes incredibly thin; 2" when folded. It features a large secure platform to stand on that is also large enough that it can be used comfortably as an occasional seat.

    It's the perfect ladder to use when you want to store it out of sight without taking much room. It can fit in small gaps between furnishings and is versatile enough to be used in all rooms of the house. It also features wide legs which reinforces its stability and safety.
  • Top Step - 13″ x 10.25″
    Height to Top Step - 30"
    Width - 19.25"
    Open Dimensions - Depth 33.5" Height 39.75"
    Closed Dimensions - Depth 2" Height 43"
    Weight: 13.75 lbs
    Max Supporting Weight: 220 lbs
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