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Super Star Six-Section Candy or Hors d'oeuvre Bowl by Officina Alessi

  • Six-section candies or hors-d'oeuvre bowl in 18/10 stainless steel.

    Super Star Candies / Hors-d'oeuvre Bowl

    For the Super Star project, Tom Kovac has unleashed the poetic-architectural enthusiasm which served him so well in the “Tea & coffee towers” operation. This centerpiece, initially a chocolate holder for Nestlè in 2007, is now part of our catalogue.

    The shape of Super Star directly refers to the function it accomplishes and its name: Many small containers, all joined together in a circular shape to create a star.

    It is the proposal of an open centerpiece concept which helps to satisfy the varying needs of convivial hospitality, from starter dish to chocolate holder. Super Star is made of 18/10 stainless steel, by spinning and subsequent shearing.

    A qualitative characteristic of Super Star’s production is the mirror finishing of the inside of the containers. This is very difficult (and makes the item more valuable) due to the depth and small size of the cavities.

    About the Project, in the words of Alberto Alessi:

    “The new project for Alessi was conceived as a totality of curved lines with the potential to generate a complex family of containers. Inside a sculptural form objects of different dimensions find their singular and/or multiple positions. The sinuous shape of the hollow bowls encourages the complementary composition of different objects and foods in a continuity of spaces. Due to the organic links between the six constituent elements, this object enables the building of one-to-one experiences, different each time, with simple gestures aimed at giving a multi-sensory approach and unique experiences. For this reason an endless supply of forms, geometries, colors, and postures is triggered. This “improved functionality” increases the aesthetic, tactile and visual relationship with the object, establishing an amazing experience of shape and an increased rapport with its contents.”

    Alberto Alessi
  • DIA 14" H 1.75"
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