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Tonale Vessel by Alessi

  • Vessel in stoneware with silicone lid. 
    The Tonale container was conceived along the formal lines of the entire “Tonale" series that are based on truncated-conical volumes. It is a simple, archetypal form: a circular disk forms the base, varying in diameter and the sides are tapered (in reality, truncated cones). Special attention has been paid to the surface finish: matte on the exterior, for a comfortable grip and glazed on the inside for ease of cleaning. The container is in Stoneware and is fitted with a silicon stopper for use with foodstuffs making it suitable for conserving and protecting wine and other beverages. The stopper’s truncated-cone shape fits snugly in the mouth of the carafe, even given the exacting tolerances required by ceramics. The material used for the stopper, as well as its red colour, give the object a sophisticated importance. With the stopper removed, it can also be used as a utensil holder or flower vase.
  • Dimensions:
    DIA 5.5" H 5.1"
    Short - 1.1 L
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