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Water Tower Container by Alessi

  • A micro-architecture designed by Daniel Libeskind, a direct tribute to his friend Aldo Rossi, Milanese architect and keen enthusiast of the dialectic rapport between urban planning and domestic landscape. “Water Tower” is a container that draws its inspiration from typical water tanks that populate the roofs of the New York skyline. The concentric rings along the body of the container, the pointed lid and the articulated base structure reproduce in minute detail the large tanks which distinguish the landscape of the American city. A sophisticated and complex object, ensuing from the manufacturing skills acquired by the engineers at the factory in Crusinallo, Omegna.

    Characteristics / Suggested use: The container is made of 18/10 stainless steel, with a polished exterior and a satin finish interior. The body of the container features ribbing which is typically found on New York water tanks. On these large water tanks, the distance between ribs depends on the pressure of the water they need to withstand. In the lower part, the ribbing is close together because the water pressure near the base is higher. Towards the top, as the pressure gradually drops, the ribbing tends to be further apart. Similarly, the container designed by Libeskind is distinguished by ribbing arranged in a disproportionate way. The design of the lid means it fits smoothly onto the body of the container. The base has been designed to guarantee stability for the object and turns it into a micro-architecture for tables, which is exactly what the designer wanted.
  • Container in 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel with stand.
    DIA 4.75" H 10.75" Capacity 7 qt 23.75 oz
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