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Tonale Wood Plate by Alessi

  • Plate in beech-wood. 
    This wooden plate exemplifies the unconventional nature of the “Tonale” range. Its profile has all the formal and functional features of a plate: the outer rim is raised to hold food whilst underneath a circular base gives the plate greater stability and distances the “volume” of the wood from the table surface, making it seem lighter.

    The wooden plate is particularly suitable for foods that require cutting, such as meat, cold meats and cheese. The plate is produced from natural beech-wood treated with Vaseline oil.

    About the Tonale

    "A seemingly random collection of objects, the table service comprises a number of items including a tray, a board, a carafe, plates, bowls, beakers, and cups. The project was inspired by vernacular ceramics from Korea, Japan, and China, and conceived as an exercise in refining functional household objects.

    The name “Tonale” refers to Giorgio Morandi’s use of colour tonality imbueing his daily objects with a sense of individuality. The objects are produced in a variety of materials including enamelled steel, glass, earthenware, and wood. While striving for expressive purity, the range honours today’s requirements for durability and versatility." -- David Chipperfield
  • DIA 8.75"
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