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123dl Water Glass/Measuring Cup Set by Alessi

  • '123' is a set of three glasses intended for all sorts of purposes: drinking/toasting, measuring/cooking, stacking/storing. The designer was thinking about these glasses as a set that could satisfy numerous needs throughout the day: maybe for a snack, or enjoying an espresso or a cappuccino or a cup of tea. Maybe even for an aperitif, using the small glass as a peanut bowl.

    Later, the water or wine glasses might be used as such, for water or wine, along with a plate of tagliatelle that had been prepared using these same three glasses as measuring cups: flour in the tallest glass (water glass 3dl), four eggs in the medium one (wine glass 2dl) and salt in the small one (liquor glass 1dl).
  • Set of four water glass/measuring cups in crystalline glass.

    =10.5 oz
    H 3.5"
    Designer: Harri Koskinen, 2010
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