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Toyo Steel


Cobako Mini Box by Toyo Steel

  • Cobako is a small metal box (or toolbox) that can be used for any small items you may want to organize, protect, and display. Available in 3 sizes and colors, it is perfect for storing anything from office supplies, eyewear, watches, jewelry and yes, even small tools!. It includes a soft liner to protect delicate objects and is encased in steel for protection and durability. Includes a handle on top and a latch to keep it securely closed. It is manufactured by Toyo Steel who has a history of crafting quality metal products in Japan since 1969.
  • Mini box in painted steel.

    Small - L 4.8” W 2.5” H 1.6”
    Medium - L 6.8” W 3.4” H 2.3”
    Large - L 8” W 3.8 H 2.6"
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