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Glass Family Goblet Glass by A di Alessi

  • The Glass Family by Jasper Morrison:

    This range of glasses was designed to be easily accessible both in terms of price and simplicity of forms, as in the case of the bone china plates by the same designer. The glasses were conceived for everyday use, while having a discreet and sophisticated design, as if they were new and exclusive glasses for a restaurant.

    This range also reveals intense study of detailing, giving remarkable consistency in terms of shape and solidity to a form that is only apparently simple. For example, its characteristic design features include variations in wall thickness, decreasing towards the rim. This has two consequences: an increase in weight at the base, giving the glass greater stability, and a pleasantly thin rim in contact with the lips.

    The glasses are neither cylindrical nor conical, but have a slightly convex profile which generates unusual light reflections, giving an apparently simple form an appearance that is in no way banal. When this form is gripped, the physical sensations that it produces are very different from the flatness of a cylindrical or conical shape.

    Jasper Morrison reflects on the Glass Family: “I like the idea of a democratic wine glass which is slightly more formal than the others, to be used to give the table an easy aspect of a 'dinner' rather than just dinner”.

    Morrison's quest for anti-glamour “normality” paradoxically gives his designs an air of sophisticated simplicity, which is a good description of one of the ambitions of the A di Alessi brand.
  • Goblet in crystalline glass.
    Capacity 7 oz
    H 5.25"
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