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Phold Container M by Menu

  • Phold is a family of containers designed for storing small things. Shane Schneck is the designer behind this series which comes with an innovative lid that is attached to a soft, food-safe silicone body.

    The American industrial designer Shane Schneck works from this ‘Office for Design’ based in Stockholm. ’Office for Design’ works for people and companies with a passion for simplicity and innovation. The studio bridges the worlds of design and technology in a desire to challenge industrial standards and discover new solutions for contemporary living.

    The Phold is the perfect container for all kinds of everyday essentials. The fun design being ‘food safe’ allows you to store all kinds of food and put it in the fridge or on the dining table - use it for storing salt and other condiments or as a spice jar. It can also be used in the bathroom for e.g. makeup. Or you can place it on your office desk and use the ‘Phold’ for keeping small stationary or keys.
  • Silicone

    DIA L 4" H 3"
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