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Round Wire Basket by Alessi

  • Round wire basket in steel mirror polished.

    A true industrial archetype of metal household items, wire baskets are amongst the oldest of Alessi’s products that are still in production. They were designed by U.T.A., a modest abbreviation behind which our internal technical office hides: they are therefore a fine example of collective design work, which have survived the many fashions and many moods of the market.

    The first prototypes of this series, which include the Round basket, Square basket, Oval basket and fruit bowl, date back to the end of the 1940s.

    Even though they are entirely produced in Italy, their success continues unabated, despite high production costs and countless copies all over the world.

  • Small: DIA 6" H 2.25"
    Medium: DIA 8" H 3"
    Large: DIA 9.75" H 3.25"
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