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ACH02 2

Tea Matter Tea Caddy by Alessi

  • Calligraphy
    The designer Alan Chan, from Hong Kong, has proposed an attractive and articulated product but also adding some characters defining the landscape and the cultural atmosfere in which the products are placed. The decoration of the Tea caddy recalls the lithografic stones of about one century ago and connects the artistic chinese tradition with the daily pleasure of drinking a cup of tea.

    Alan Chan has used five chinese types to decorate the Tea caddy. The types form a poem that can be ready in different ways. You can read the poem endlessly, starting from anyone of the types. The poem always has a sense, tank to its particolar literary structure. It is about the ceremony of the tea, and was written by an anonym poet of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Its meaning is: ìit is possible to have a pure heart.

  • Capacity: 7.75 fl oz
    Dimensions: DIA 2.5" H 4"
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