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PlateBowlCup Mug by A di Alessi

  • Mug in white porcelain.

    About the PlateBowlCup Collection by Jasper Morrison:

    This range in bone china was designed to be highly accessible, both in terms of price and simplicity of forms. These two aspects make the product ideal for everyday use. At the same time, Jasper Morrison’s design work privileges the quest for new quality in shape and substance, by means of many small and discreet technical and formal details.

    For example the rims of the plates and bowls, which are rather thick to give extra strength to the piece, as in the best hoteliery tradition, give the line a soft, solid appearance. In the same way, the weight of the units was carefully considered so that they offer an appropriate, pleasant sense of solidity. They also offer greater thermal inertia, so that the plates maintain food warm for longer periods of time.

    The junction of the handles to the cups is made with a minimum degree of junction curvature between the handle and the body of the piece. This was not an easy detail to attain, but it gives the unit a very special lightness and elegance. The body of the cups is neither cylindrical nor conical, but has a slightly convex profile which produces unusual light reflections, giving an apparently simple form an appearance that is in no way banal.
  • Capacity 10.5"
    DIA 3.25"
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