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Harimi Dustpan by Sojirushi

  • Sojirushi is a line of cleaning tools which you would want to always keep at hand.

    The following is Sojirushi's philosophy in producing their cleaning tools:
    1. Products have built-in functions as cleaning tools.
    2. The production processes of their brooms are free from unnecessary strains put upon the craftsmen.
    3. Create a sustainable system for material production and the fabrication, sales, and use of Sojirushi brooms.

    "Sojirushi" is committed not only to providing cleaning tools but also establishing the relationship and time-space between their producers, sellers, and users. Sojirushi belives it should be a brand in which such concepts are shared concurrently by all the members who are involved in this very process.
  • Dustpan in paper and persimmon tannin.

    W 12.2" D 11.02" H 3.9"
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