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Le Palle Presepe Small Christmas Ornaments by Alessi, Set of 10 * OPEN BOX*

  • Showroom display. NON-RETURNABLE ITEM

    The Christmas ornaments by Alessi were conceived when designer Marcello Jori had an insight: the Nativity scene on a Christmas tree, a remarkable metaphor, the eternal reconstruction of a tender, emotional, and symbolic microcosm that year and year presents the notion of birth. After the success of the first edition of decorative Christmas ornaments, the series continues with the integration of new sets of smaller ornaments.
  • This set includes the following ornaments: Gesù Bambino, Madonna, Giuseppe, Bue, Asinello, Angioletto, Stella Cometa, Gaspare, Melchiorre, and Baldassarre.
  • Dimensions: DIA 2.25”
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